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Our Project

An overview of AgriSol's project in Kigoma Region of Tanzania and what it can do for the region and the country as a whole.

Agriculture Tanzania

The Tanzanian economy is growing at 7 percent a year, but the agricultural sector faces challenges to keep pace with demand.

Our Vision

AgriSol's vision for Kilele Farms and how it will impact neighboring smallholders and food security in Tanzania.

Extension Programs

An overview of our extension programs and an example of a successful outgrower program at Kilombero Sugar.


Examples of our sustainable farming methods as practiced at Summit Farms in Ames, Iowa.

A Farmer's Song

On a trip to Mwamila village near Lugufu, a smallholder asked to sing about farming in the area. This is his song.

Land Acquisition

A discussion of leasing land in Tanzania, statutory land rents and other compensation.

The Refugees in Rukwa Region

Historical background on the Burundian refugees in Rukwa Region and the TANCOSS agreement with the UNCHR.